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The irresistible lure of colourful variety.

The irresistible lure of colourful variety.

It’s all idyllic landscapes, take-it-easy vibes and tales of buried pirate treasure in the Caribbean… at least, that’s what the newbies think. But those in the know, they see that not all of these islands are cut from the same cloth.

Take Barbados for example, where a love for cricket and polo brings out its sporty side, contrasting with Antigua’s peaceful coves, yet complementing the adventurous fit-families that hike through the dense wilderness of St Lucia and the Dominican Republic. The playground of the Bahamas beckons with shipwreck dives and all-singing-all-dancing water parks and fresh-faced musicians quickly pick up Jamaica’s languid rhythm, while the only effort required in low-key Grenada is to learn about bean-to-bar chocolate making.

If the grandparents are along for the ride, you can find the group on charming Nevis or heading out of the area altogether to alight on the shores of spiritual Mexico. And while the BVIs and St Barths compete over who has the most stylish shores, the chicest of clans are hidden away on Canouan’s discrete sands.

At the end of the day, differences really matter not, because the Caribbean’s ability to bring families together in unhurried bliss is second to none.

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