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In early 2019, Scenic will take to the seas with the launch of Scenic Eclipse, bringing a new level of luxury and exclusivity. The world’s first "discovery yacht" is the first of its kind, marrying 6-star luxury with unrivalled exploration. Venture deep into the Arctic and Antarctic, navigate the amazing Chilean Fjords and follow the footsteps of the Vikings all in complete comfort and luxury.

Scenic Eclipse provides exceptional and unique experiences; whether you’re sampling culinary delights at one of the ten elegant on board dining options or navigating beautiful stretches of the Arctic Circle with a member of the Scenic Discovery Team. Ultra-exclusive experiences and excursions are made available every day – from exploring the penguin-dotted Antarctic Peninsula by Zodiac, to swooping over the Panama Canal in the ships own helicopter or delving deep under water aboard the submarine. With an almost 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio, Scenic Eclipse is made to feel like your own private yacht, yet with a huge array of on board amenities and facilities a well-appointed spa, pool, theatre and observatory providing relaxation, restoration and exploration during your time at sea.

Scenic Eclipse - Cuba in depth

This voyage begins with the subtropical islands of the Bahamas before uncovering the hidden gems of Cuba away from the crowds. Leave behind the bustle of Nassau and make your way to Long Island to explore dramatic cliffs and caves by kayak on the east coast, before making the most of the contrasting sandy shores on the west coast with a beach picnic. Move on south to Inagua Island, home to 80,000 West Indian Flamingo, and then onto Port Antonio for a hiking tour of the Jamaican national park. The next seven days will see you heading into the ...

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Scenic Eclipse - Ultimate Antarctica

Journey into the depths of Antarctica with this once-in-a-lifetime, 16 day ocean cruise, travelling from Buenos Aires to the untouched wilderness of the Antarctic Peninsula. An area that has long been shrouded in legend and myth is now yours to explore and discover on board Scenic Eclipse – Scenic’s newest ship designed to enable you go beyond the horizon to where few have travelled before. Travelling south from Ushuaia, guests will cross Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands, meeting local wildlife both on and off the ship during the ve...

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Scenic Eclipse - Mediterranean Treasures

This exquisite nine day tour of the Mediterranean is certain to reveal captivating culture, staggering architecture and a wealth of history. From the ancient city of Athens to Italy’s artistic heart of Venice, guests will be transported in absolute luxury through some of the destinations which shaped the cultural identity of Europe. Cruising on the newly deployed Scenic Eclipse, guests will enjoy a more refined on board experience as well as greater freedom in and around the destinations visited. Whether exploring the volcanic islands of Gree...

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