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Dedicated to pushing boundaries in ocean discovery, Scenic Eclipse is leading the way in responsible travel and luxury cruising.

The exterior of the Scenic Eclipse boat
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Scenic Eclipse Senses Spa Reception

To explore the world by ocean – it’s a tempting idea. Enveloped in ultimate, all-inclusive six-star luxury while visiting the world’s most beautiful and remote destinations, Scenic is ahead of the game when it comes to cruising the seas in the most sustainable way possible. The luxury cruise liner partners with Climate Friendly, an Australian organisation helping to counteract large greenhouse gas emission by funding renewable energy projects.

Scenic Eclipse Scenic Lounge

The jewel in the crown of Scenic’s fleet is Scenic Eclipse, labelled the world’s first discovery yacht. One of the most luxurious cruise ships available with state-of-the-art innovation, its engines are designed to reduce emissions below future global standards, with 12 per cent higher fuel efficiency. This comes, in part, from the use of Marine Gas Oil, the highest class of marine fuel that also contains the lowest concentration of sulphur and minute particles that have become a huge strain on the seas.

Scenic Eclipse

The unique opportunity to explore the Polar regions is one that the Eclipse wasn’t going to miss. It’s a fully-fledged member of Polar Code, follows the framework’s pollution prevention measures, and is compatible with the strict emission requirements cruising near the Poles demands.

It’s not just fuel consumption that damages the oceans, which is why the Eclipse’s Azipod propulsion system makes sure that noise and vibrations are as low as technologically possible, meaning much less disturbance to marine life, while the GPS on board allows the ship to stay in the same place without using an anchor – vital in fragile environments.

A specially-designed deck overhang minimises light pollution, and an advanced treatment system recycles any waste into high-quality water that can be poured into even sensitive water areas without restrictions. Small touches are just as valuable, too, with each guest given a refillable water bottle at the start of the journey, and all bathroom products available in refillable porcelain dispensers.

Scenic Neptune Submarine Interior

All of these meticulous design details support everyone’s mission for exploration. A fleet of discovery vehicles – including kayaks, e-bikes, Zodiacs and helicopters – will help you to get closer to each destination. The Eclipse also houses an exceptional bit of kit: the Scenic Neptune. The Eclipse’s own sevenseat submarine can take you to places once inaccessible to the ordinary traveller, diving to 300 metres up to eight times a day. Passengers rest on seats that swivel 280 degrees to take in underwater views from both sides of the craft: spectacular volcanic pinnacles, majestic wrecks and vibrant, tropical reefs teeming with diverse marine life.

Scenic Eclipse Lumiere bar

Whether you venture deep into the Arctic or Antarctic, navigate the amazing Chilean fjords or follow in the footsteps of Vikings, you’ll reach places beyond your wildest dreams. With nearly one member of staff to every person on board, it’s easy to find a renewed sense of tranquility, as if on your own private yacht. Embark on a chance in a lifetime to make unforgettable memories and forge intimate encounters with nature’s most wondrous creatures.