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Luxury selection - Edition 3

Our latest round up of all things luxury, from the finest tea blends to the perfect sun lotion.

A hat, flip flops and sunglasses on a wooden deck
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Lotions & potions

Gentle and natural sunscreens for outings to the beach

It’s important to meet standards of safety in the sun and you can do this while being kind to the planet and your body. When packing your bags, include one of these three chemical-free SPF creams to lessen irritation to your skin and damage to the environment.

Green People


Kypris Beauty

Scent Free Sun Lotion, SPF 30, £22.50 Sôvée Triple-Filter Ecocompatible Sunscreen, SPF 40, £53 Pot of Shade: Heliotropic Sunscreen and Primer, SPF 30, £87
Suitable for sensitive skin and prickly heat, the organic ingredients in this lotion come in carbon-neutral plant-based packaging. It’s safe for the oceans and, as an added bonus, 30p is donated to the Marine Conservation Society. Individual ingredients in this formula have been scientifically proven to be entirely environmentally compatible with sea life, including coral, mussels and sea urchins, as well as offer protection against the most harmful rays. Packed with zinc for SPF protection, this luxurious natural cream is made with organic, wild-crafted and sustainably-grown ingredients, such as sweet iris stem cells and fatty acid-rich sunflower elements, so it can double up as primer under make-up.

Trunks for trunks
Saving elephants one swim at a time

A man and child by the sea

Trunks for trunks
Saving elephants one swim at a time

Oliver Tomalin launched Love Brand & Co in 2010, driven by the threat that elephants would become extinct in his lifetime. The men’s and children’s resort wear company commits five per cent of its revenue to support conservation projects around the world, such as the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s work with orphaned elephants. Match your pair with your little one’s or channel your inner model in the style of Toby Huntington-Whiteley, who is the face of the latest campaign for the Staniel shorts that are made from 53 per cent recycled plastic bottles.

Calm in a teacup
A sip of Asia’s finest blends

Calm in a teacup
A sip of Asia’s finest blends

Jing travels the world to source the best leaves for the perfect cup of tea, working directly with local producers and motivated by renowned masters in the art of picking, packing and drinking tea. Inspired by ceremonial customs, every mouthful is designed to be engaging and calming. The Signature Green Tea Explorer Set is the perfect introduction to Jing as it guides you through Asia’s finest selections from pan-fired Chinese Dragon Well to delicately steamed Japanese Sencha and comes with a specially-designed tray, cup and saucer, and a tea-iere (Jing’s answer to a cafetière for tea lovers). Visit Jing’s new London shop at 18-19 St Christopher’s Place, W1U 1NN for the full experience.

Made to measure
Set your sights on a pair of Tom Davies glasses

Glasses framed on a wooden desk

Made to measure
Set your sights on a pair of Tom Davies glasses

Tom Davies is no ordinary optician. The bespoke service here feels like five-star treatment at your favourite hotel. Using the latest equipment, Tom Davies can delve into your ocular health and test your vision, then match the results with the ideal frames to suit your face – sometimes creating a completely new design. Each pair is handcrafted to the exact colour, style and design of your choosing, from silver and gold to vintage British silk layered with sustainably-sourced Indian horn.

Inspired thinking

Eight paths to enlightenment

Count the ways you can make a difference by simply being more mindful while travelling.

1 Volunteer for worthwhile causes, whether for just an hour or for a whole day.
2 Buy locally to positively impact communities and their economies.
3 Ensure that any wildlife activities are appropriately certified and run by transparent and open companies.
4 Respect native customs and traditions to truly immerse yourself in new cultures.
5 Minimise waste by recycling and saying no to single-use plastics and plastic bags.
6 Choose sustainable accommodation and tour operators that actively work to support the environment and local people.
7 Lower your carbon footprint by renting a bicycle or walking to explore the area.
8 Educate your family, friends and colleagues about sustainable tourism to ensure a healthy travel legacy lives on.