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News / Why everyone is talking about self-care

It may seem like the word is getting overused right now, but we’re here for it.

At a time when many are feeling rather disorientated, overwhelmed or just trying to keep up with new schedules and the different energy levels of those around us, we’d all do well to give ourselves a daily dose of compassion.

Happily for you, our friends and feel-good specialists around the world are streaming all manner of well-being goodness, bringing us tools to practice staying positive, productive and inspired right at home.

From meditation exercises and mindfulness guides, to sleep aids, nutrition programmes and one-on-on tele-therapy sessions; wellness hunters, this one’s for you…

Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas / Yoga, and then some

With personal health, and the health of our planet at the core of what Six Senses are about, we aren’t surprised to see the wellness wonder brand step up to bring their world-renowned programme online for their housebound guests and newcomers. With episodes broken down into categories representing each of Six Senses’ principles – Mindfulness, Eat, Sleep, Move, Live Naturally, and Connect – as well as practicing yoga asanas, you can expect to be learning how to make herbal elixirs, how to reset your fight-flight-freeze system with a deep dive into shamanism, and how to grow your own microgreens.

And as a bonus for parents there’s the best type of home school; a ten-week junior marine biology programme with the Six Senses Laamu team in the Maldives.

At home with Six Senses

Chiva Som International Health Resort / Results-driven reboot

When you can't get to the destination spa, let the spa come to you. Along with sharing a collection of on-demand wellness insights and hands-on tools across its digital channels, Chiva Som International Health Resort in Thailand takes things a step further with complimentary one-on-one online support directly from the resort’s team of practitioners. A live health and wellness consultation with personalised feedback about your lifestyle and nutrition, is followed by a separate session with either a Naturopath, or a physiotherapy/exercise class with a specialist.

Tele-therapy with the masters at Chiva Som is by appointment only and will need booking in at least 24 hours in advance. Sessions are available daily throughout May.

Tropical healing this way

Belmond / Give peace a chance

Whether your idea of self-care is mindful breathing or looks more like a glass of something strong, the wonderful world of Belmond brings us the ultimate care package to soothe the soul and enliven your routine. Choose from live-streamed yoga classes and DIY spa recipes for at-home treatments (like sublime sugar scrubs and blissful bath soaks), to discovering the perfect cocktail and designer board game combos.

Head over to their IGTV channel for an invitation to join poetry evenings, a botanical flower arranging workshop or jazz session.

A care package from Belmond

Equinox Hotel, New York / Restore order and balance

Expanding beyond fitness clubs, we were excited when renowned luxury fitness brand Equinox opened up their debut hotel in the Hudson Yards district along Manhattan’s westside. AM and PM rituals usually reserved exclusively for their guests to stream in-suite are now available for all. These rituals are designed to help you get grounded and centred at each end of the day – they’ll help open up the body and promote oxygen flow in the morning and relieve stress and prepare you for a restful night’s sleep each evening.

HeadStrong™ Meditation Podcasts, guided by mellow-voiced instructor Amber Voiles have also been released, as well as a dedicated series of meditations for relief from worry, stress, and anxiety during this time.

Ready. Get set. Relax.


Move with BodyHoliday

Underpinning everything they do here, BodyHoliday are releasing healthful modules that cover all aspects of well-being – from full body workouts to preparing immune boosting herbal teas.

Feel energised

Breathe with Aman

The Aman Wisdom series sees tips for nourishment, movement and meditation from resident acupuncturists, bodywork experts, yogis and masters in oriental medicine.

Slow. Serene. Simple.

Aromatherapy with Rosewood

Rosewood Mayakoba introduce us to their favourite essential oils that help support the immune system by soothing the nervous system and reducing stress.

Get the guide

Spa products from some of our favourites

Recreate renowned spa treatments at home with a selection of products from some of the world’s leading hotels to add a little luxury and much-needed pampering to the daily skincare routine.

Find them here

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