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It’s not easy to find the place, and pace, that’s going to make you happiest – we reveal the best destinations to benefit from the wonders and healing powers of the mighty Adriatic Sea.

Words: Annabel Harrison

Ever since ancient times, the world’s vast and powerful seas have been known to benefit people suffering from illnesses, exhaustion and respiratory problems – Hippocrates, the father of medicine, documented it more than 2,000 years ago, and modern science continues to confirm its therapeutic powers. Floating in it helps to release tension and stress, while deep breathing the sea air helps infinitesimal particles of salt to find their way into the deepest areas of your lungs, which has a significant physiological effect. Even the sound of the waves can have a positive impact on mental health; the therapeutic hum is often used for meditation and to help babies sleep.

Where better, then, to take full advantage of warm, crystal clear water and the freshest sea air than Dubrovnik, where you can while away hours gazing at the vast, cerulean Adriatic Sea?

Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik

Tucked into the secluded Miramare Bay, Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik has breathtaking views over the shimmering sea thanks to its clifftop location. It reopened in April this year after a full refurbishment, exuding Mediterranean serenity even more emphatically thanks to its calming blend of natural colours and contemporary design. The acclaimed designer – Lisbon-based Tereza Prego Design Studio – has masterminded the look and feel of 91 stylish rooms and suites, and the dining areas.

Its concept champions building ‘in harmony with nature’, resulting in unique, extraordinary spaces, each of which merges seamlessly into a platform that feels like a ship floating at sea. Precise attention to detail has been paid across the board to ensure that guests benefit as much as possible from Hotel Bellevue’s enviable coastal location and its unparalleled views of the abundant sea. The hotel’s Vapor restaurant serves the finest local seafood (and has been recommended by the Michelin Guide for the third year in a row).

Meanwhile, The Spa offers an Energy Clinic Signature Hydrating treatment, specially designed for preventing dehydration and restoring the original healthy condition of the skin. 

If your senses are craving the sea air and your mental and physical health needs a boost, Hotel Bellevue is the boutique retreat for this summer; where luxurious comforts, privacy and seclusion, romance and relaxation, fine dining and culture are all guaranteed.

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The Adriatic Luxury Hotels group, to which Hotel Bellevue belongs, is known for its attentive, bespoke service. Should you wish to get out on the water for an up-close dose of vitamin sea and feel the real benefits of the ocean, a private sailing tour around the Elafiti Islands can be arranged through Carrier.


Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik

This stylish sanctuary is set against a cinematic backdrop of the Adriatic. Simply breathe in and taste the benefits of the sea: float in the freshwater pool and dine in the stunning seafront restaurant.

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Villa Orsula Dubrovnik

Choose a book from the well-stocked library and sit amongst wild orange trees and lavender in the private gardens. Soak up the solitude with only the sounds and views of the deep-blue sea for company.

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