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What to love and where to be right now.

The most sought after / Packing pastel

From the glamour of the Côte d’Azur to the picturesque Portofino, this latest collection from Globe-Trotter is an embodiment of the luxury and excitement of coastal living. The fun, stripy designs are inspired by seaside soujourns, yachts, deck chairs and parasols. The honeymoon luggage of choice for Royalty, this is the must-have ultra luxe suitcase for this season.

The art edit / Princess in Dior

Grace Kelly, the American actress who became a royal after marrying Prince Rainier III of Monaco in April 1956, had an unprecedented influence on fashion. Her transformation from stage to throne saw her classical elegance garner international attention. Opening at the Christian Dior Museum in Granville, the exhibition Grace of Monaco: Princess in Dior pays tribute to the steadfast friendship between the House of Dior and the emblematic sovereign. It celebrates the refinement and extraordinary personality of an eternal icon through the exceptional dresses that were created for her over the years.

How creativity inspires us / Artists' stories

Antony Micallef, Contemporary Artist

“My favourite art discovery was when I stumbled across Hala Kaiksow in the Victoria & Albert Museum. The Bahraini fashion designer views clothes as uniforms and her garments are inspired by work clothes. I have a real love for Japanese design and these garments somehow dance between a style that is regimentally ordered with a warm handcrafted touch. A beautiful hybrid balance that is steeped in tradition yet feels futuristic.”

Lady Deirdre Dyson, Artist and Designer

“Last year I saw a David Nash exhibition at the Annely Juda Fine Art Gallery. Trees are my inspiration for both painting and designing. David Nash is a master of tree sculpture and I fell in love with his works.”

Nicole Farhi, Artist

“Last summer in Paris at The Museum of Jewish Art and History, I discovered the work of German photographer Helmar Lerski. Lerski made wonderful images of working hands and unusual portraits that played with light. Hands and faces are a source of inspiration for me and were the subjects of my first and second sculpture shows: ‘From the Neck Up’ and ‘The Human Hand’. I find his work poignant in its humanity.”


A lasting legacy / The watch

The Legacy Machine FlyingT is MB&F’s first timepiece dedicated to women. Marrying fine art with haute horology, a 60-second flying tourbillon sits under a high-domed sapphire crystal case to endow the timepiece with dynamic energy.

About time, we say.

The Motor / Driving in autopilot

The world’s first self-driving electric car

Take a moment and feast your eyes on the future, because this may very well be what it will look like. What you’re looking at is the Robocar – the world’s first self-driving electric racing car designed by Daniel Simon, the concept designer known for his automotive futurism and vehicle designs in the film Tron: Legacy.

For such a forward-looking motor, the setting of this photoshoot makes perfect sense. Radically fresh for its time, the Centro Niemeyer in Avilés Spain perfectly complements the car, resulting in a marriage of human design and futurism.

Shot by Benedict Redgrove, whose works often focus on geometry and vehicles, the resulting images were retouched by creative studio INK to accentuate the balance between the crafted curves of the Robocar, the futuristic atmosphere of the Centro Niemeyer and the contemporary aesthetic championed in Redgrove’s work.

If the future looks this good, bring it on.

The Insider / Mind your manners | Debrett's top etiquette tips

General etiquette

Manners and soft skills are constantly relevant. It’s not just about posture and deportment, but how to conduct a meeting,how to meet and greet somebody or what’s appropriate if you’re doing business in a foreign country. Make sure you do the research.

Interpersonal skills

Smart phones and social media are relinquishing some of the face-to-face interpersonal skills that we may have had to develop in the past. Take the time to put your phone down and really listen to people.

Phone message groups

When you are using modes of electronic communication, do keep in mind the appropriate form. If you wish to leave a group chat, for example, let all the participants know beforehand rather than trying to sidle out discreetly.

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