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Listen, take notes and embrace change as six top experts hand out their worldly wisdom for self-improvement through tried and tested techniques.


You wouldn’t sit behind the wheel of a car without driving lessons and you wouldn’t take an exam without tutelage from a professor. So why do we wait until the last moment to seek out advice for our body and soul? It’s time to consult the specialists who know how to correct past pains and prepare for future challenges – and we know just where to find them.

Chiva-Som, Thailand / Hypnotherapist Anthony Augustine

“Hypnosis enhances your overall emotional wellbeing and ability to relax. It helps you attain your physical goals and makes you a happier, more balanced person. The power of positive suggestion can create new behaviours that greatly impact any physiological or psychological symptoms.


Each session I do is guaranteed to provide profound insights and advice, leaving you with a clear path and an ability to sustain your achievements in the longer term. A coaching session includes evaluation and observation of progress, empowerment and alignment of identified objectives and, lastly, uncovering any subconscious blocks that may hinder your progress. I am able to facilitate rapid, positive changes to help you be the best version of yourself.”

Anthony Augustine is a visiting practitioner at Chiva-Som, available on request.

Ananda Spa, Himalayas / Ayurvedic physician Dr Shijoe Mathew

“Ayurveda originated from the foothills of the Himalayas and although the teachings have spread throughout the world, the herbs used in practice have their natural habitat in the fertile hills of this region. The purity and mineral richness of Himalayan soil and the lack of any pollution in the air significantly improve the healing potential of the food produced in the mountains and support recovery.

Through our practices, we place emphasis on understanding possible future health issues based on your current imbalances and offer remedies to prevent them escalating. You can learn to fortify yourself in the face of stressful external situations. Stress can be a useful part of life, the trick is to control its speed and acceleration to avoid burn out.”

Dr Mathew is a visiting practitioner at Ananda Spa, available on request.

Soneva Jani, Maldives / Yoga guru Pawan Kumar

“Our practices originate from the great yoga masters of ancient ashrams in India. The teachings will help you prioritise your own wellbeing and provide tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals and sustain your progress. We believe small changes make big results. It’s not about the quantity of changes but the quality of changes you make in your daily life. The natural surroundings provide a soothing space for you to fully relax; the beautiful setting will actually enhance your alpha brainwaves, aiding mental coordination and calmness, so the therapies have longer-lasting effects. After your stay, we will give you follow-up information with self-help techniques and ongoing lifestyle changes that can be easily integrated into your daily routine.”

Pawan Kumar is based across all Soneva Maldives resorts, available on request.

Royal Mansour, Marrakech / Micro-nutritionist Valérie Espinasse

“Our diets are so important because they affect gut microbiota (microorganisms living in our digestive tract), which control our immune system and susceptibility to disease. Studies show that gut cells even secrete the same neuromediators as the brain, which influence mood and wellbeing. This is why we offer a very personalised approach to nutrition at Royal Mansour through food allergy tests, monitoring from start to finish, and bespoke guides with recommendations. All the dishes we serve are gluten and lactose free, organic, and without sugar and additives. Our vegetables and fruits come from the Royal Mansour garden, the herbs and spices from the surrounding area, and our almond milk is made from local Moroccan almonds.”

Valérie Espinasse is a visiting practitioner at Royal Mansour, available on request.

BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia / Olympic swimmers Kerri-Anne Payne and David Carry

“People are drawn to water as a form of relaxation, which is why we listen to the sound of waves or rain to ease stress and anxiety. When someone swims with efficiency, it supports mental wellbeing and works the whole body. Our SwimFit programme involves two pool sessions to ensure you are confident with your technique before honing your open water skills in the beautiful Cariblue Bay at BodyHoliday.



We will help you confidently achieve personal goals through a performance planning session, as well as a private one-to-one tuition. SwimFit is for any swimming ability; we’ve had beginners who were afraid to put their face in the water to aficionados looking to improve their 50-metre freestyle sprint. Our sea safari at the foot of the Pitons is one of the highlights – you’ll see the incredible wildlife in the crystal clear waters and enjoy a famous Piton beer on the way back whilst admiring the sunset. We are all about making sure you have fun, too!”

Kerri-anne Payne and David Carry are visiting practitioners at BodyHoliday.

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